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Need to call at The Luddites today and give 'em back their keys. Plus I left the little funnel for my CPAP on the kitchen counter over there. It is my favorite Technophobes wedding anniversary today ~ so that may have to wait.

Need to call my friend Larry as it is his Birthday. Every time I do that the first thing out of his mouth is, "How the hell do you DO that?" Every time I tell him that is what electronic calendars are for...Never fails to crack me up!

And I've got an invite from The Canadians to spend the afternoon and (I presume) evening with them at their new digs...Over by the med center in town. Esplanade at One Hermann. Jeebus, I think they are payin' her too much money *grins*

Got a little music from iTunes today too.
Waylon Jennings
A few more Jethro Tull tunes
The best of of Asleep at the Wheel ~ Love Ray's voice! Also got The soundtrack for Ride with Bob which was a play produced by Asleep at the wheel and directed by Ray. Bunch of different artists on that one. Some of the best Western Swing I've heard. Check it out!

Man ~ I do love the old stuff...

Started rating the music in iTunes ~ if I happen to be sitting here ~ while it is playing. Effects smart playlists and such.

Hope y'all are having a great weekend!
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