TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Right Then ~ So That Weekend was Pretty Much a Write Off...

Went to The Canadians Saturday afternoon...Fer Dinner. And Drinks. They are livin' high on the hog in a 2 bedroom apartment in the Museum / Med Center District. Very nice place. Very. Too far from the pool though.

After M and I made a trip to the liquor store to get S a bottle of wine and us some other kind of beer, (All they had was Bud...Bleargh! Of course that was after we drank all the Coors in the house!) we trekked over to the pool and had a nice 'Q of steaks and tater salad. And beer. And more beer. Then we had...Some more beer.

S had reported that there were a bunch of twenty-somethings down there having a grand old time. Course by the time we got there no-one was left except the host(s) and a really drunk chick.

She tried to stand once or twice. Unsuccessfully. And the second time she really hit the ground. Hard. A couple of her friends finally got her up and between them and walk / carried her off to slumberland. Don't relish the headache she was gonna have on Sunday morning. Ouch...Don't unnerstand the need to get that wasted. Well I do...But I just don' wanna admit it.

Stayed up with S till after 2 am sunday morning, when I just needed to put my head down. Not sure when M went to bed. He was there...and then he wasn't. *grins*

Lucky they had something for me to fall out on. *grins* Slept fitfully (not well ~ no meds and no Darth Vader Machine ~ Poor planning on my part ~ I should have known.) Woke up between 6 and 6:30. Yes AM!.

Cocked an eye over at the clock at about 6:30 and remembered the dog back at the house. Decided then it would be a good idea to go on home and make sure the boy was taken care of.

That part of town has surely changed since I was last through there...Jeebus. Nice digs over that way. But a high homeless population hanging around too. Must be because of the hospitals and parks in the area.

Once I got the dawg squared away, I found I didn't much feel like doing too much else...Surprise! Not...!

Glad I don't drink like that all the time. Good to know, I can, if necessary. Just hope it ain't too often. I might get reckless. And I just cannot afford that.

Went to The Luddites for a bit Sunday afternoon. Made sure they got their key back. And knew I thought their dawgs were spoiled rotten...*grins*

But that was about it...Dang! Except for trying to square away The Queen's laptop. Think she must have picked up a virus or summat. Bunch of stuff disappeared and a bunch of other stuff just didn't work.

Finished restoring that system tonight. Everything seems to be working...meh.

My admin loaned me a Patty Loveless CD today...All bluegrass. Man is it good! Reminds me how much I love that music.

Gonna play me a little tomb raider and hit the sack...

Goodnight LJ.
Tags: my life
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