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Assumptions are (Mostly) Never a Good Thing...

While I was hanging with The Canadians on Friday I met a couple of women that were there visiting. One was a real close friend of Susanne and Magill's who had flown in from Colorado Springs. The other two were friends of hers. They had all been Contractors for KBR in Kuwait.

By the time I got there they seemed to be well on their way to throwing a really good drunk. These women ranged in age from late twenties to late thirties. The middle one didn't impress me. She seemed pretty petty and superficial, although she was a *knockout*, I pretty much could take or leave her. The gal in from Colorado Springs, however, could hold my interest for a while. Until we started talking about politics. What is it about some right wingers that have no room for any one's belief except their own. Still we had an interesting conversation or two.

But I digress...

The middle one, let's say "R" made some assumptions (a pet peeve of mine) about me based on my race. She is hispanic, and couldn't wait to tell me her life was quite different from hers because of the life of privilege I led because I was a whiteboy. She had no idea who I was or where I came from, but because of the color of my skin...

Irritated me because:
  1. You do not know me
  2. You have no idea where I came from
  3. Or what I had been through

I let that particular set of remarks go because I was a guest in someone else's home. I found out later from the gal from Colorado, the young woman has racial issues. She is ashamed of her heritage and appearance. And this is a shame, because she is a remarkable looking woman. But for the attitude.

Tags: distraction, friends, my kids, pet peeves
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