TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Sluggin' it in on the Katy

 iPhone to the Rescue!

Riding in this AM. The driver asks, "Do you know how I can get back on I10 eastbound from downtown?"

Well, I thought I knew, but I didn't want to say because I might be wrong. Whip out the iPhone. Use Maps to get a close up view of downtown Houston. Yes! I was right...
"You can just take a right on Walker ~ Go through the next light on Walker and take the entrance ramp to I45 north. Follow 45 to I10. Take the eastbound exit. And you are on your way!"

"Really? Where's your stop?"


"Really? Wow! My lucky day!" 

Heh! Some days are like that...That guy's zen was all in a row.... 

His last words to me? "Man, I gotta get one of those phones!"

One convert at a time....
Tags: commute, commuting, iphone, woot!

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