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Happy Mothers Day!

To all Moms every where.

i picked this up via wired.com. Postcards from yo Momma

Give it a looksee...Some of the communications are quite funny! Others... not so much...

Form the website: Does your mom still have an AOL account? Does she email you her random, yet charming, thoughts on life and love? Does she wish you called more often? Postcards From Yo Momma is a collection of the many delightful correspondences these traits inspire.

Postcards From Yo Momma is also going to be a book! (It’ll be out next spring… just in time for Mother’s Day.) We want to give a huge thanks to everyone who’s submitted emails so far. We also wanted to let you know that we’re going to be selecting for the book the best emails from among the thousands that have been submitted, so if yours doesn’t post right away, we might just be saving it…
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