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Today Marks The Beginning

Of my 3rd year on LJ. Not that is really important to anyone but me. *grins*

I've had a fairly strong presence online since before I established my first blog, Sound Off By TexasT's, in October 2004 on various BBS services... Since then I've published several blogs including a couple that were basically of short story (depends on your definition of that!) length. Although one remains unfinished (although I have a few chapters to add, at this point I'm not sure if it will EVER be finished, it HURTS) the other one was completed shortly after a vacation trip to Jamaica.

Got one for my N Scale travails. Which once I get going in trains again will be revived.

I even started another blogger blog once I got my mac. There and Mac again

I have has a much richer experience here on LiveJournal. And it is all because of you folks on my friends list. At any rate what I am trying to say is:

Thanks to you all for being here for me when I needed you. And even when I didn’t!
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