TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Here We Go...

Happy Birhtday to The Offspring. My darling daughter, turns 24 today!

Meeting the keed and a few of her friends and cadona at Baba Yega

Needs 2 tires for her car, so...

Plus I've got some folks willing to pay an outrageous sum of money per hour (for me) to come and diagnose and possibly fix their home, slow as molasses PC...Did this last year (repeat business - yay!) them but they (her husband) claims it has slowed down again (repeat business - boo!). If they are following the procedures for a healthy PC I gave them last year there may not be too much I can do for them. Other than recommend they get a new machine.

Other than that...not much...Howzzitwichoo?
Tags: birthdays, computing, the offspring
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