TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Well That Certainly Didn't Turn Out the Way I Had Planned *Grins*

The other day I was in a toy store, yes a real toy store and not my usual one, Fry's Electronics. I found this little 6 In. talk remote control droid, that I thought would be good for screwing with alleycat2681's cat, Link.

Some assembly was required. And some disassembly as well. The instructions are primarily in Pictures and Japanese(!). It runs on three triple A batteries and the remote runs on three watch batteries.

Got it together and running in short order. Note: it doesn't run well on carpet...

Fortunately Link was hangin' out in the kitchen. Set the droid down on the floor, right in front of the cat. Set it to moving and making noise. The Cat couldn't care less. Watched for a minute or two and went back to sleep.


The DOG on the other hand...Flipped out! Chasing it, running from it, barking like a damned fool at the thing...He was waaaaaaaay excited. And when it got near his food bowl? Wasn't pretty.

Hmmm...Guess I need to go get that laser pointer I've always wanted.

Tags: alleycat2681, my life, stuff i like, toys
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