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The The Houston Fringe Festival brought to

Houston By Bootown Theatre.

Live in Houston, or thereabouts?

Are you a supporter of the Arts in Houston? Doncha wanna be?

My daughter, The Offspring and some of her friends formed a non profit production company, called BooTown Theatre. Bootown's MySpace Page...

The company is throwing The Houston Fringe Festival. This is a series of plays and performances located on lower Westheimer. And it is this weekend ONLY.

You night even get to me your illustrious host, TexasT's! As once I get down there later, I'm sure I'll be trapped!

I love all these kids. Honestly, though, this is for a worthy cause, Work Shop Houston.

Locations are here

The Schedule is here

Participants are here

So come on down and see some real art!

I'll see you at the Fringe Festival!
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