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So It Is Tuesday...Still

Spent the weekend (or most of it) with The Canadians. It was a thoroughly pleasant interlude.

We just caught up as they had been out of town. I stopped on the way and bought them the biggest wheelie cooler I could find. For a kind of a housewarming gift. Made another stop at a liquor store and bought beer and ice to go in it. Didn't think it would be proper to bring an empty cooler. A twelve of Heineken and some Blue Moon Wheat brew. That was very tasty! Had a nice spaghetti dinner. Some more beer. And I knew I wasn't going to be driving home. 'Course they had already said your bed is here so...

They are such good friends. Sunday around noon we went to One's A Meal for a late Breakfast and the waiter John (who is from Greece, natch!) was in rare form. All I had to do was say a couple of things and he was off. Don't know how many of y'all know any Greeks, but they have opinions about everything. Strong opinions. I had said something at some point and John, who is about 6 foot 5 leaned in and gave me this big bear hug. He had never done that before and I was quite surprised. Always a man of strong emotions, he had never been personally demonstrative.

So What'd I do? Or what has changed?

I have been going to this restaurant for over twenty years and it seems like John has always been there. Spent the rest of Sunday just sitting around over there (at The Canadians') mostly watching movies "Kill Bill 1 AND 2" and reading a book about the Hell's Angels I had picked up in the spare bedroom.

Oh and lest you think I hadn't got my geek on over the weekend ~ I went to make an entry on LJ (See "All Righty Then") on Sunday morning and I noticed there was some strange shit going on with the keyboard on their computer. Go to hit a "?" and you get an "É or é". Asked Magill about it and he said it had never been right...There were a bunch of characters missing. Well now you know that put me into geek mode. Definitely a challenge from the damned machine!

Took some investigation, it's been a while since I've had to search out a character set or change a default keyboard layout. But I managed to get the right one installed. Figured (and I was right) that it had something to do with French Canadién settings. *grins*

Magill asked me if I thought I was some kind of "Tech" guy or something. *heh* Made me laugh.

Busy as hell this week. Wish my team could catch a break...But alas and alack! It is not to be so. Not right now anyway.

In other news ~ Found out late last week I get to train the Brazillian contractors that will be taking 90 percent of my job over by the end of the year. No worries there though, my Asian Overlord has manged to convince me (mostly) and a couple of other long term employees that our jobs were not going away, but the scope of said jobs will be changing. (I have more to say on this subject, just not right now) And he has been giving me a taste of what's to come in the form of some extra project work this week. Suffice to say my active seeking of another job has been put on the back burner based on what he has told me and others.

I want to believe this guy, I really do. But FARK!
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