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Right! A Short Review

Got my order from dlo.com today. A day late and a dollar short. But that is an argument for another day. As soon as I figure out who the hell it is I'm supposed to be arguing with about that Arm and Leg I paid for overnight shipping. DLO or UPS.

portspeakers_horizontal_lrg.jpgAt any rate one of the things I ordered from dlo was a set of these 'Portable Speakers for iPhone'. Imaginative name, eh? Actually this is somewhat of a misnomer, as the these will work with any MP3 player with a Standard 3.5 mm jack.

These are not meant to be destop speakers for your PC. But they sound pretty good hooked up to my iPod classic.

speakers_iphone.jpgI've been caught out a few times when it would have been nice to have a set of speakers for my iPod rather than listening through headphones (I'm not an ear buds kinda guy) as it would have been nice to share the beat, as it were. Poolside or a picnic for instance, these should be okay. They won't blow your doors off but they do sound pretty good. As I write this, sitting on my bed, I've hooked these up to my iPod. There's about a 2 -1/2 foot cord from each of the enclosures, so you can get a little right to left stereo separation action going on. And that is one of the areas where I really like these. The separation seems to be superb!

Considering the size of these speakers they do sound pretty durn good. Maybe a 2 inch driver. As you might expect the bass response is somewhat lacking, but the highs seem alright. The speakers plug into a central unit that contains an amp and the AC connection. Beside the AC they also can be run from 4 AAA batteries (not included). There is also a little odd shaped piece of plastic that will hold your player. Too bad they couldn't have integrated this into the central unit, but I ain't gonna gripe too much for 50 bucks!

But the best part is the portability of the things. The speakers can be assembled togther with the base to form a weird little football (American) shaped ball so you could throw them into your luggage with out worrying about damaging the speakers. Just a little larger than a regulation sized softball. Cord management is integrated as well. When all put together the unit weighs about a pound, I think. I'm gonna like these!


TexasT's rates them at TTTT (out of a possible 5)
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