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Me and My Girls...

Earlier this afternoon I asked The Queen and alleycat2681 if they wanted to go see a movie this afternoon. I was thinking either 'The Happening' or 'Wanted'. I was leaning towards 'Wanted'. A little actio never hurt anyone, and besides Angelina ain't too hard on the eyes either! *grins*

The Queen declined *sigh* as I thought she would. alleycat2681 was up for it though.

Over to the Alamo Drafthouse we go. Had a nice dinner and a movie! Movie was cool. A little far fetched but fun none the less. Morgan Freeman said the MF word! I think I was as shocked as alleycat2681 was! LOL!

After the movie we were getting ready to leave, when we both noticed we had calls from The Offspring. alleycat2681 gave her a call while I finished my beer. She was asking if maybe alleycat2681 wanted to do something. She explained that she had just seen a movie with me, but maybe we could get some dinner or something.

We decided to drive into town to the Heights where The Offspring lives and then we would decide from there what to do.

I drove us into town, had to take a slight detour down Memorial Drive as the Eastbound Katy was shutdown at the loop, so it took a little longer than usual to get to The Offspring's house over off of 20th street. We hung out for a little while at the house, just shooting the shit and goofing with Dizzy the one eyed cat and The Offspring's roomate's mini Dachshund, Hobbs. So good to get to hang with both of my girls. Don't often get to hang with them both at once!

Once we all decided it was time to put some food in us, The Offspring took us over to The King Biscuit Patio Cafe. The girls had margs (seems like only yesterday they were in Middle school) and shared a plate of potato enchiladas. I had a beer and a greek salad.

"What? No meat?!?" They exclaimed. *grins* It was all good stuff! But one fly in the ointment ~ What is it with puttting radicchio in salads these days? Almost ruins a salad for me.

After we finished eating I stepped outside for a smoke. There was a beautifully restored old Mercedes convertible roadster. Candy apple red. Damned thing must have been 12 feet long! What a work of motor car art though! It was a beaut!

We shared some blueberry cobbler for dessert. Yum!

After that we headed over to Antidote Coffee for coffee, tea and chai. Got myself a nice Cafe au lait. The Offspring played with my iPhone for a while and we took a few pics with her room mate's camera. Didn't have mine with me as I hadn't a clue we would be going into town and had left my bag (and hence the camera) at the house. No matter.

Got a nice little shower while we were there, too. Bailed from there back to the kiddo's house. We left so The Offspring could make it an early night as she has to open at $tarBuck$ in the AM.

So what did y'all do with your Saturday?
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