TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Actual Conversation...

Just for clarity my piece of the conversation is in bold text.

Hi! This is TexasT's with SAP Security. I've got your email tha says you can't logon to the Acceptance testing server?

Yes...It isn't working...

I show you haven't even attempted to log on.

Yes I have! It isn't working! *clickety*clickety* See? Name or password is incorrect!

*Of course if she had been loggong onto the right server her account would now be locked. But it isn't*

Lemme change your password. It is now *gives the password*

*clickety*clickety* It's not working, either!

Okaaaaaaay. You are attempting to logo on to the wrong server then.

No I'm not. I used the instructions you sent to set up the server info. AND IT IS NOT WORKING!

Right. You are down on 13?


You are down on 13?


Okay. I'll be right down.


Yes. Really...See you in a minute

*Takes elevator down to 13.* Maria?

Hi TexasT's.

Let me have a look. You have the Dev server set up. Lemme change that. *clickety*clickety*clickety* Okay now you try it.

You want me to use the old password or the one you just gave me?

*sighs to self and dies a little inside* Use the new one.

I'm in!

Yes...*goes to elevator and bangs head repeatedly on the up button*

Tags: my work
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