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I Wasn't Ignoring You!

sahlah wrote:

On Nov. 15th, 2006 11:31 am (local)
You know I've been wanting to ask you something. Years ago when I packed them in there wasn't a tool like the patch. You just had to steel yourself to the big day and that was that. I was always told smoking (like other addictions) has two components. A physical addiction and a psychological one. The later being the really hard one to deal with. 

Yes, you are right, most addictions do have at least two. I know smoking certainly does! I've tried to quit colde turkey too! Longest I made was about 2 weeks before I caved in.

It seems to me that since you have a patch to help work off the physical addiction - you have really been dealing with the psychological component. So I say - double hats off to you. Breaking the triggers for smoking is a bitch.

Well I haven't really used the patch since the last one I put on my wrist caused such a drastic allergic reaction. I mean, I've got BLISTERS and all(!) That was what - the 13th?!? Put myself on a course of neosporin and a bandage, cuz the little fucker still itches....Like CRAZY!

When do you finish the course of the patch? You are gonna feel so good... Pat yourself on the back.

I may already be finished with the dang patch! (see above) If you do the entire program - It takes about seven or eight weeks, I think. Feeling better every day! Consider me patted!

Thanks for asking!

I am now on the morning of my 33rd day as a nonsmoker!

Tags: nonsmoking, sahlah
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