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Blackberry's Got One?

Or other Smart-type phone?

Corporate? Or Personal?

Got to talking with some folks at the office yesterday. Most of them had corporate models. A few, like me, had their own (I am owned by an iPhone). We *ahem* don't really mind having the leash, because it ain't tied to the corporation.

Folks have my number, but most are aware that I'm not required to work nights or weekends (except in one off situations). I will answer the phone if possible or call back promptly if not. I work on a global team, so they don't call me unless something is REALLY screwed and I'm the only one that can really help.

"Help me Obi-wan! You are our only hope!"

Most (not all, but most) of those that are corporate are pretty sorry that they have them. Why? Because the expectation is that they will be available 24/7. Some of this is their own perception. But for others, not so much. They ARE expected to be "always on". And they get annoyed because people will just call and call and call and then start emailing if they don't get a response. It is taken for granted that a response will be made...

Some are able to ignore it. Others just turn the damned thing off!

So how about y'all?

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