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Music, iTunes, iPods. And Let's Throw in a CPAP Machine for Good Measure...

Technology is a wonderful thing. Most of the time. It can (and does) change your life. One hopes for the better. But it isn't always the case.

But I want to address the good part of tech. I was a late adopter for iPod. There were several reasons for this, but first and foremost:
I had pretty much stopped listening to music several years ago. I planted myself in front of the tube pretty much every night after work.

One of the other reasons was I had seen folks that were so engrossed in their phones or music players doing stupid shit (like stepping into traffic) because they were not paying attention to their surroundings. I was determined not to be one of those folks.

All a matter of awareness isn't it?

Depression. The life had been drained from me. I was simply going through the motions. Then my PDA croaked. Looked around for a new one. Ended up with a Palm LifeDrive. This was a sweet machine. 4 GB drive that had the footprint of a postage stamp in it. I found a few CD's (of MP3's that the kids had left laying around. Loaded the music I liked from them onto the LD. I listened to it occasionally.

It was also around this time that I sought help for the depression I was dealing with. I wasn't sleeping well. I had undiagnosed apnea, my professional life as well as my marriage seemed to be unraveling. I was a mess. They were giving me a hard time at work. Lack of sleep and depression were making it impossible for me to perform well.

Had a sleep study, and was diagnosed with Sleep apnea. Fought it for a while. Finally got a CPAP machine. Fought that too. Finally settled in with that and started actually sleeping. Got treatment for depression. Chemical and otherwise. Fought that as well. Finally reconciled myself to that too.

Acceptance can be quite liberating. Thus, I found myself listening to music more and more. And watching television less and less. Except for the news or a show or movie I wanted to watch. Of course I found myself spending more and more time online. Which helped me to goad myself into taking my life back.

Music at one time was a very big part of my life. And it was a tonic for me now as well. I was listening to and buying more and more music. And so it was becoming a bigger part of my life again.

Soon I had to make a choice about the LifeDrive. It was getting crowded. Between data, pictures, music and all the assorted crap that goes along with these...So...

I bought one of those aluminum 2d Gen Nanos. But I absolutely HATED the earphones that came with it. Ended up buying some of those Bose in-ear 'phones. And they sounded great! But... In spite of the fact that they came with three sets of tips, I never could get a comfortable fit. And the damned things kept falling out of my ears. iTunes became a trusted friend. Subsequently I filled the Nano's drive.

In time I decided it was time for a technology upgrade for the house. Bought a laptop for The Queen and one for me as well. I had used Apple computers way back *heh* in the nineties and had liked what I saw then. The Mac OS was much improved by this time. So made mine a MacBookPro. While I was at it, I bought an 8GB iPod touch. What a great piece of Tech!

Bought some Bose on ear head phones. Now these sound wonderful! Great lows - Clear highs - Now that was more like it.

While I was on a trip to visit my sisters in Florida I kept hitting the 8GB wall on my Touch. Very annoying. So a trip to Wally-World found me in possesion of a nice 80GB iPod Classic.

Now the Bose headphones ARE great. But there are times when I'd like to be somewhat discreet. Tried a few different sets of phones. Clips and in ear. Nothing seemed right. They either sounded like crap or they hurt...

Did a little research on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday morning I went out and bought some VModa Vibe Earbuds. I gotta say, I had these things in for hours and hours, both yesterday and today. They sound great! And are probably the best feeling things I've ever put in my ears! *grins*

iPod changed the way I interact with my music.

Well there was a point and (perhaps) a moral to this rambling narrative...Now what was it? Oh yes...

Technology both saved and enriches my life. I embrace it.

The CPAP saved my life. I believe this with all my heart.

iTunes and iPod saved and preserves my sanity. Could I live without them? Oh yes. I could indeed. But my life would be less rich without them. Music is now such a big part of my life. Once again. And hopefully...Always and forever.
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