TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Offshoring Update

dod-a-rpparently Big Blue in Brazil is having some problems recruiting viable candidates with SAP Security experience. I was due to start training our replacements this week. They haven't even managed to hire, let alone provide an ETA for my resource...This has placed the entire Latin American piece of this project in jeopardy.

I'm still not down with the whole Offshoring Security Services to a 3d party. I mean seriously, WTF? But "We will still have work for you to do once this is in place, T!"


Our Indian resource reported to Singapore for training this week, though. Maybe Big Blue can just hire 10 more folks from Bangalore to replace the five of us spread across the globe...Two of our present staff will roll off for points unknown in 2 weeks.
Tags: my work, wtf
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