TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

iPhone 2.0 Gets You Laid!

trojan.jpgForget finding calamari or listening to Coldplay: You want an iPhone because it can help you get things done—like that cutie over there. Here are a few ways you can use new iPhone apps to help yourself get busy (in more ways than one):

If all that does't work, face it—you're a hopeless case. But even when no one's willing to get naked with you, the new iPhone still lets you:
Check out our full list of best free iPhone apps available for download to your new or upgraded device today through iTunes 7.7's newly-opened App Store.

Via lifehacker.

Comment: Lifehacker editor Gina Trapani posted this last Friday with tongue planted firmly in cheek. The woman has a warped sense of humor. I love when the folks at Lifehacker go off.

The most fun is probably in the comments. What a bunch of noids!
Tags: iphone, jokes, web
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