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Sluggin' it In (or Out) On the Katy

Over the last month or so, it seems to have gotten more difficult to catch a ride ('member slugs and bodysnatchers? We've spoken of these before). I think due to higher fuel costs a lot of the folks that used to drive their big, honkin' trucks and SUVs into downtown Houston are now parking them and either doin' what I do (slugging). Or just breaking down and riding the bus in and out.

Last night I think me and a couple of other folk waited in excess of 45 minutes to catch a ride. I finally gave up and walked two blocks down to the next bus stop to wait for a bus. 10 minutes into standing there, Some guy pulls up in a '98 Saturn lookin' for riders.

Go figure...Hell, three of us jumped in his little car and rode with him out to Katy. Had a gaping hole in the dash where the radio used to be. When I asked him about it, he said apparently some thug had decided he needed it more than my ridesome benefactor did. Got it while he was at work.

Thieving bastards!

At any rate the point is I'm thinkin' I may just need to start ridin' the bus. But then I look at the long lines of folks waitin ' to get on the durned things and decide, well maybe just slug it in (or out) one more day.

I think I'll se a day in the not to distant future though, that riding the bus may become the norm for me again. Not the odd thing out that it is now.

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