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Battening Down the Hatches

dod-e-rduoard is coming...And the Galveston ~ Houston area is waiting.

Actually I don't expect we'll see much out here in Katy. Rain? Certainly! Some wind? Probably...Hopefully nothing too serious. Out here in the hinterlands anyway. The whole area could use some rain. Just not all at once!

We managed to scare the shit out of Bruno. Bruno is an IBM trainee (for my job) who is here for training. Twenty three years old. He is from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Someone asked him earlier today if they ever got hurricanes where he lives. He just shook his head no. We were watching the weather at the time and some were telling horror stories from TS Allison's visit a few years ago.

It has been an interesting and amusing week having Brazillian's here. Even though they are taking our jobs. Bruno and I were out side at one point last week. I was having a smoke and listening to him ramble in broken english. Actually his english is pretty good. Compared to his teamlead's, Ferraz. I could only understand about every other word of english this guy spoke. He had to have Bruno translate when I had them out and about last weekend.

Bruno was talking about one of his ex girlfriends. "She is a verrry beautiful woman. Very beautiful. But she had something I couldn't live with," he said.

"Oh yeah? Wazzat?"

"She was very upnose"

"What??" Took me a few minutes, but I realized he was saying she was very conceited. Upnose... A literal translation. But the week has been full of colloquialisms like that.

The Big Clam decided to turn us loose at or after 3:00 pm. I offered to have Bruno over to the house for the evening and day tomorrow. They've also closed the office for tomorrow. Better safe than sorry. Would you want a workforce of highly intelligent people trapped in your building during a severe storm? I think not. The liability alone would be staggering.

Bruno declined my offer. And I admit, I had an ulterior motive. To keep on training him, provided we had power and were able to get logged on. Access could be kind of iffy...I only have until Friday to continue my brain dump. The kid has SAP knowledge. But it is more our policies and procedures I need to give him so he can return to Brazil and train his counterpart(s).

Frankly, I'm worried. And more than a little pissed. They cut the timeline on the training by a third. So whereas the other teams got three weeks to train. We get two. And we have a whole 'nother level of complexity that the other legacy SAP systems do not have.

And we are being robbed of a day. Depending on the severity it could be two days...This scenario has "Fail" written all over it. Who will they blame?

That would be ME!

The kid and his boss have been kind of fun to have around. I took them for BBQ last weekend. Went to this place that had pulled pork. You would have thought they died and went to heaven. Apparently Brazillians are carnivores! At least the ones I've seen are...

Still got more to say. Not about work...But I'm tired.

More to come...
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