TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Oh For Chrissakes!

I am on call today. Due to the possible weather issues *HA!* I'm supposed to log on every hour to check for emergency problems.

Being the dutiful drone that I am, I logged on to work. Before 700AM. I was in. Made a call to a customer for an issue. left a message. Then...

My router glitched. My fault...DAMMIT! Started a new session after rebooting the router and my computer.

Goddam CITRIX has been running through the logon sequence for about half an hour...I understand there will be heavy traffic into the servers, but.This. Is. Ridiculous...

Jeebus. If I get logged on...I will just leave the connection open. All day...


The weather? It's coming. Raining lightly now. But the radar?
AccuWeather.com - Weather Radar - Local, State, Regional & National

The Queen's truck died on the way to her office this AM...Safeclear cleared her. Marvelous.
Tags: computing, my life, telecommuting, weather, work
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