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Hah! Happy Saturday! Thought You'd Never Get Here!


Went to see Shakespeare In the Park @ Hermann Park with The Offspring last night. Even though i was exhausted. I've had a tough two weeks at work.

Met her at her abodium sometime before the show. She cooked us a nice dinner of Vegetarian enchiladas. And no I am not. Quite good though. We left her house with plenty of time to get to the show. As we got closer, the sky clouded up. Thunder banged and lightning struck a few times. We were just walking up to the shell, when the sky' opened up. A terrific downpour ensued. The hill was filled with people too. Soaked folks they were, at this point.

Was just one of those freakish thunderstorms we get at this time of year that seem to come up from out of nowhere. It spent itself on the overheated park grounds in a matter of minutes and was gone almost as fast as it came upon us.

The play was Cymbeline. One of Will's I hadn't seen before. That is usually a treat! From the program for last night's show:

Cymbeline is alternately characterized as a romance, tragicomedy and as a comedy of forgiveness, Shakespeare’s play depicts a tyrannical king who repulses a virtuous daughter and rewards the vicious members of his family with predictably unhappy consequences.

This was a GREAT performance. Hillarious!

Did I mention that The Offspring was the Assistant Director? No?  And did I mention that her BF had one of the leading roles? No? Well, he did! He was one of the vicious family members.

I am very proud of them both!

Marvelous! Most of the cast were very young (relative to me!) and very talented. They were very pleased that the audience was quite engaged with the show. And we were. We laughed in the right places and expressed awe or astonishment in all the right places! There is a lot of laughter in this show.

Just what the doctor ordered for me. Rain, sweat and mirth! It was quite hot out. I did get a good soaking on the way to our seats. No matter. It is August in Houston so I was gonna be damp no matter what!

A great evening though...


Well, today was a pretty lazy day. I think it needed to be. Didn't leave the house, except to go to the corner store. Spent the day and most of tonight farking about on the computer and watching the Olympics.

Read a little too. Seems that whenever I pick up my book though, I end up with it laying on my face while I try to snore through the pages. *grins*

Got a bunch of tunes from eMusic and iTunes today. One of the managers on the floor (at work) said he had never met anyone with such a wide and eclectic taste in music. Any way, picked up some more Rhonda Viincent, "Ragin' Live" and "All American Bluegrass Girl". A little CCR, and some Hank Williams (Sr.).

A good bit of a young gal named Sierra Hull. "Secrets" is the name of the CD. She's a mandolin player with a very swwet voice. Picked up some Dan Tyminski ('member the Soggy Bottom Boys from Oh Brother Where Art Thou?). "Wheels" A CD full of Mozart's requiems. A few Gregorian Chants. Chants?!? *Now where did THAT come from?*

A few free singles from iTunes. Those are the ones you liste to a few times to decide if ou like them. If you do, cool, keep them around. If not well into your virtual trashcan they go. No loss. Ledisi, Monte Negro, My Morning Jacket, Carrie Rodriguez, Jamey Johnson.

Oh yeah and an old Isaac Hayes tune.

It ain't as bad as it looks. I had 50 free downloads from eMusic.com. So the music bill is lower this payday. *heh*

I have really been into Bluegrass (wikipedia) lately. I like both the contemporary and traditional styles. This year I am really listening to a more contemporary style.

I'm still listening to a lot of other stuff, but my purchases and downloads are running about two-to-one for Bluegrass.

I am REALLY likin' Rhonda Vincent. She blends the old fashioned with more contemporary sounds. Little more traditional than Allison Krause.

Dan Tyminski's "Wheels" just gets me. His pickin' style and vocals just speak to me.

Miss Sierra Hull will be another one I'll have to watch for.

The Queen and alleycat2681  went up to east Texas on Friday, so it has just been me and the animals this weekend. They'll be back tomorrow.

Think I'm off to bed soon. I want to get an early start on the laundry and personal hygiene thing in the morning.
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