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I Can't tell you how...

Many times I have hit the damned [CAPSLOCK] key by accident. I was pleasantly surprised to see in this monrh's issue of Macworld ~ Mac 911 in the tools of the trade sidebox, there is a hint for turning it OFF!

Go to System Perferences>>Keyboard & Mouse. Click the Modifier keys button and there is a subscreen for Caps Lock Key. You can make several choices here:
  • No action
  • Control
  • Option
  • Command

Since I don't really have a problem with the position of any of those keys, I chose "No Action".

This has been a major annoyance on any keyboard, but leave it to Apple to come up with a pref for it that is really easy to get to.

Might be pretty obvious to some of y'all, but not to me.

This hint is almost worth the price of my subscription to Mac World!

Thanks Fellas!

Captain Obvious To The Rescue?!
Tags: apple, geekery, mbp, osx
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