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A Lawn Crisis

About a month or so ago the guy that was servicing my yard just up and disappeared. Silly me, I thought he was just on vacation or something. But after 3 weeks or so (in addition to the 1 or 2 before that) I called him. He said he could no longer service my yard.

When I asked him why, he said was quitting because, "My yard was too dirty,"

Say What?!? So he couldn't give me a phone call? Said he thought I would figure it out. That didn't sit too well with me. And I told him so. Very forcefully.

Since then we have been looking for someone to take up where this fool left off. I finally asked y next door neighbor who was cutting her yard and did she have a card from the guy. Left him a message. And another.

He did finally call me back. We chatted about the yard and he said he would call in the next few days. Well, he hadn't by the time I write this. If the yard went another few days though, we would need a hay bailer to get the grass cut.

Enter The Queen. She works for a landscaping company, although she does interiors, she should have been able to get someone from Exterior to deal with this. And she finally did. The guy showed up last night. Around 8:30. With his nephew. As a translator. We haggled there on the front stoop, until we came to an agreement on a price for the cleanup. He also gave me aquote for regular maintenance. I think it is a little high, but after all he apparently needs to come from quite a distance. So I was noncommital about that. But agreed he could do the clean up.

I still want to hear from my original dude. His quote was quite a bit less expensive.


A Family Affair

At any rate, Miguel showed up around noon today. With his wife and little daughter. He did the power stuff, while the wife and kid manned the rakes and bags. They mowed, trimmed, edged, and bagged for an hour and a half. Until the skies opened up and the bottom fell out.

They were mostly finished anyway. I paid them and turned them loose. Front yard looks great! The backyard was pretty far gone. It looks good. But not like the front. They raked up a bunch of crap in the back though that had been preventing the spread of grass. So maybe there is hope after all.

It is a good day...Rain and all.
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