TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Gustav on metafilter.com:

Hurricane Gustav is headed for landfall in Louisiana in the next 48 hours, with currently around an equal chance of being a category 3 storm or a category 4 storm. Gustav has 150 mph winds at the moment as it begins to enter the gulf of Mexico and a million people evacuate. After failing in their response to Hurricane Katrina three years ago, Fema is trying to be more proactive. Of course, some people are staying in harm's way, live blogging, and once again, there's the cry "bring it on".

* New Orleans tries to do things differently this time.
* The RNC national convention schedule may be adjusted because of Gustav.
* Gustav could send gas prices back to more than $4 a gallon.
* Neighboring states evacuate as well.

Interesting discussion thread going on there...The original post is loaded with quite a few links as well.

Pray for New Orleans. And Louisiana. And Mississippi. And Texas.

And Jamaica. And Cuba. And any fucking where else that lay in the path of this monster.
Tags: hurricane, storms
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