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HA HA HA! Tell Me Another One, Boss!

So when the boss (BBFH) called me at around 10:20 on Wednesday night to explain what was expected form her team, on Thursday and Friday I almost laughed, when she said she was expecting us to work on Friday from home.

What a piece of work that one is. I have other shit to do, thankyouverymuch.

And I did laugh this morning when I thought about it.

The memo from corporate states business critical or "essential" personnel should log on only. I don't think I am considered either of those, so there you have it. The boys from Brazil will have to deal with whatever comes in today because I am having none of it.

Security can SUCK IT!

Gonna make room in my garage this morning to put some stuff from the backyard, And oh yeah, my CAR! What a novel concept eh?

Pray for the Texas Gulf Coast, y'all. We ain't dodging this one.

Oh yes ~ Thanks to you all for your messages of concern. I reaqlly do appreciate them.

And Rene and Ron! Thanks for y'all's offer.

I wouldn't count on too many posts though once things really get rolling around here.

Gonna be interesting later on today I think.
Tags: hurricane, my life
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