TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Starting to Rain Now

Coming out of the north. Just went outside in the front yard which faces south. Rain from Hurricanes have a different smell. The smell is even different from tropical storm rain.

I haven't smelled that particular odor for a Loooooong time. It didn't take me long to figure out what it was either. Kinda strange how things like that stick with you. I think the last time really was during Alicia, in 1983.

The Offspring was born 9 months later...


We've had a few more power belches. Amazingly enough it keeps coming back on. Thankful for that I am. And it seems to be getting windier too.

Spoke with The Canadians tonight. They live over by Hermann Park in one of those luxury apartment developments. Their apt faces the south. Susie was out on the patio watcing the lightning. Their power keeps going out and she's on a cordless phone so we had to dial back and forth a few times to finish. Took me a few minutes to convince her the phone kept cutting because she was on a cordless. When the power goes out, the base station resets. Milady may have been in her cups a bit *grins* She had already tucked Magill in for the night.

When she told me she could see a squall line coming up from the south, I said maybe she ought to go inside. Because sideways rain stings...ANd then there's that whole lightning thing. She could see it coming through the lights of one of the hospitals in the area. So we said goodnights and be safes. old her I'd call them once we were on the back side of Ike.

I really want to see the hind end of this mother fucker! The sooner the better.

Still trying to catch some zzz's. It ain't really workin' out for me though.
Tags: hurricane, my life, storms
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