TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Freakin' ORANGE Topsiders...

Fashion Faux-Paux!

Oh shi-aat, Robert...Thought I knew you. Are you married? And your wife let you leave the house wearing those effing things? If you ain't, you still shouldn't be allowed to dress yourself!

Maybe on a boat, man! If you went overboard you would still be seen wearin' those mofo's! Even if they were still on your feet! And you were right side up! They glow in the dark I bet...

But not at work at the Big Clam

Dress black pants, nice shirt, black leather jacket. AND BRIGHT ORANGE topsiders! That is just wrong on soooooo many levels. Those gunboats are offensive. Hurt my eyes just to glance at them!

Take 'em back!
Tags: cube city, downtown, whoa!, work
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