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She Said I Nailed It...!

Went to The Canadians last night for dinner and to watch the debate. Didn't plan to spend the night so I didn't take "The Darth Vader Machine" with me.

2008_0926AU_crop.jpgThe Debate

The debate was pretty unispiring. If I hadn't decided long ago who I WASN'T going to vote for, I would have been pretty disappointed. Hell, I WAS pretty disappointed! Pretty cool to get the perspective from some one from over the Northern border though.

McC was looking old and grumpified. Though he was gonna lose it once or twice there, but no. Obama came across as pretty smartly presidential in my opinion. But nothing new from either of them, no fireworks.

Would have been more exciting to watch paint dry. I think the damned commentary after the actual debate was as banal as usual. How do you punch something like that up? They kept trying o make it sound like a boxing match or something. Far from it fellas. Oh and memo to Pat Buchannon ~ Fucking retire already. Your views are nearly as old and out of date as McC's. Jeebus.

But I had a couple of beers and dinner and spirited conversation with some friends, so it was not a waste of time.


After I couldn't take any more punditry, I stepped out to the car and got my camera and tripod as I wanted to try taking some long time exposures from their balcony.

So I set the exposure for 4 seconds (the max on my camera), mounted the camera on the tripod and set a 2 second delay on the shutter so I wouldn't move the tripod or camera when I pressed the button. These were taken with no flash and I have not modified them in any way other than a rotation or crop where needed.

Probably took 60 pictures or so. 25 made it out of the camera. The ones that made it up to flickr look pretty good to me. At any rate give my Night Time Shots Photos a look! Feedback is always appreciated.

Because...I am a comment whore!

Susie-Q said I really nailed it on the two night photos in this post. I think I "nailed it" on the entire set. But that's just my opinion. She really liked the High rise photo. The other is a path that is down a bit from their balcony. Check out the shadows and interplay of light on that one.

Oh and today's header photograph is brought to you by the letters "H" and "I"! I'll give you three guesses what they stand for and the first two don't count!

The photo itself was taken on Louisiana Street in downtown Houston this week. The caption is well...Well it is how I was feeling this week.


The pictures I've taken that I felt were Ike related are in this set (including the DT photos I've shot this week): Ike Photos

Like me, Houston is damaged goods! *grins*
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