TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

I Don't Want to Buy the Damned Thing! I Want Y'all to Give it to Me!

Another pleasant experience at The Apple Store ™.

I noticed the power brick for my laptop was getting really hot this afternoon. The damned thing was so hot you couldn't hold it in your hand for too long. I thought this was some unusual behavior for a power supply...

So this evening I took a ride to the mall at Memorial City and strolled into the store with the brick dangling from my hand. The girl at the front of the store got some sales dude's attention and he went and picked out the box for me and asked me if I was, "paying by cash or charge."

"This should be covered under my Apple Care Agreement. You cannot even hold the thing it gets so hot."

"Uhhh ~ You'll have to go through the Genius Bar to see about that, sir..." We walked to the back of the store. Sales guy tried to explain what I wanted looking doubtfully at one of the guys behind the bar. One of the Geniuses (That's what they are called. Really!) behind the bar conferred with another opened the box and traded me a new brick for my old one. Cool!

They never even asked me about my Apple Care Agreement. Sweet!

Now one good turn deserves another, right?

There was a guy trying to return one of these Griffin iTrips. You can hook your iPhone (or iPod) up to the thing and it will play your music or Pod casts through the iPod app via FM through your car stereo. He was complaining he could not get the audio from youTube videos to play through his car stereo. The genius seemed a little baffled as to how to deal with this fella.

I turned to the guy and told him, "The YouTube App will not play through the car stereo becaue it doesn't go through the iPod App. To play through your car stereo you have to use the iPod Software on the phone. Just the way the dock connector works. Now if you have an AUX in port on your car stereo you could do it that way, but if you try to use the dock connector it is a no go." Both the customer and the Genius looked at me with their mouths open.

Another Genius from down the bar said, "The man knows his stuff, that's right."

I grinned in his direction and turned to the customer and said, because I couldn't help myself, "I wouldn't recommend watching youtube video if you are driving, though." because he looked like the type that would. With that I turned and strolled out of the store, having done my good deed for the day.

You reckon one day I'm gonna have to work in an Apple Store ™, eh?

And I didn't Spend a friggin' dime in there...FTW!
Tags: apple, geekery, iphone, ipod, itunes, mbp, tech
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