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Akual Conversashun!

I'm working my ass off in my cube today when the phone rings. it is The Offspring

The Offspring Hey Dad...

Me - Hey kiddo ~ S'up?

The Offspring Not too much. Trying to unpack all our stuff.

Me - Cool. Not makin' much progress?

The Offspring No. Just too busy. I need to ask you something...

Me - k. What?

The Offspring Well...Are you going to be available to do the pictures for the next BooTown Fringe Festival?

Me - Well probably. When y'all planning on doing it?

The Offspring May 15, 16, 17.

Me - *Stunned* 2009?

Me - *laughs* Nothing like advance planning, eh?

The Offspring Well it was on my list of todo's...

Me - Who sets your todo's?

The Offspring I came out of one of the meetings with a list.

Me - Yeah?

The Offspring And you know how Mom is. She wants stuff done right away...

Me - *laughs harder* I certainly do know how your Mother is...*Note to newbies - The Offspring's mother is my first wife. We've been divorced for over 20 years at this point* Who's in charge of BooTown anyway?

The Offspring I AM ~ Mwa-Ha-Ha!

Me - Let me check my calendar *snicker* Yeah I can do it. At this point anyway. Subject to change since you guys pay me so well...Heh!

The Offspring Da-aaaaaaaaad~

Me - I know. I'm kidding, dammit.
Tags: bootown, my life, the offspring
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