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I Don't Care Much for Nagware: Sol Free

One of my favorite free apps on my iPhone has turned out to be bullshit. Granted it WAS free. However...

It is a solitaire game with 5 different games. It just started this "Buy the Premium Version" crap last week. And I can't seem to win a game on any of the games at this point.

And it Nag, nag, NAGS you to buy the premium version. This kinda pisses me off. The nagware I could put up with...For a while. But the fact that they coded this software so you can't win a damned game or only 1 in 20, after you reach a certain point, is crap!

I pretty much will be deleting this bullshit nagware off my iphone the next time I sync.
Tags: iphone, shit!, software

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