TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Well, Well...

Not much success with Contractors for roof and fence today.

Had a call from the urologist's office today. PSA was normal. That was doctors appointment number 1 for this week. Appointment was yesterday.

Going to a sleep study tonight to see what the hell is up with the fact that I am not sleeping well.

This is a titration study. Usually sleep study part two. Since I already have a CPAP, I don't need night one. They put a CPAP on you and test the pressure to determine what is best for you.

Then tomorrow I have a Doctor's appointment in the AM to talk to my Doctor about renewing some meds. And a couple of other things...Upping dosages, alternative drugs...And some other crap.

Got a roofer set for tomorrow and a fencing contractor to come by and give me quotes at some point or another. Hopefully I'll get some more phone calls tomorrow.

Honestly, it must be nice to have so much business that returning phone calls isn't a priority.


Hoping for pleasant dreams tonight. But it is kinda hard to sleep well with 20 or 30 electronic connections hanging off of you from various places. I haven't really been sleeping well for quite some time.

We'll see...
Tags: apnea, my life, sleep
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