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Maker Faire! And an LJ Meetup!

Maker Faire was pretty goldanged cool again this year. A veritable Who is Who and What is What of geekery and nerd-dom in various areas of everyday life and not so everyday life.

I mean really, what the hell can you use a Tesla Coil for in your everyday life?

Maker Faire defined (by Me):
A two day faire where one can learn, if one is so inclined to, Make, Hack, Recycle, Re-use, Re-purpose, and/or Re-engineer stuff that is used in our every day lives.

From the Maker Faire Web site:
Maker Faire: Build, CRAFT, hack, play, MAKE.

Arts • Crafts • Engineering • Food • Green • Music • Science • Technology
• Robots • Rockets • Bicycles • Alternative Energy Devices • Electronics • Crafts
• Circuit Boards • Sustainable Food • Musical Instruments • Wood Working
• Knitting • Eco Modding Cars • Kites • Special Effects • Sewing

Pretty Impressive Stuff ~ Huh?

Which Way Do we Go?

eats_veggies showed up at my door and I was about ready to go. After a quick hug and a discussion to ascertain who was going to drive, we jumped into the Saturn Express to make our way to the faire which was about 20 or so miles from the hotel I'm staying at. Decided to find someplace for B-Fast along the way as we were both hungry. Managed to find a Waffle House on US290. There was a wait but it wasn't too long and it gave Dorie time to play with an app or two on my iPhone. She had wanted to see the Koi Pond App available from the APP Store in iTunes, so she had an opportunity to splash around in the koi pond and scare the fish a time or two.

Showed her a couple of other things while we were eating. A nice conversation (or two) and many calories later, we headed out to the car. One of us asked one of the staff fromn the Waffle House how to get to the expo center. The woman cheerfully explained what turn to take and where it was. Except for one thing. She told us to turn on the wrong street. So we spent a while screwing around with being lost.

We did make it to the faire grounds eventually. Travis County Exposition Center

That's all I can do right now as I need to get ready and pack the car so I can mosy my way back to Houston.

Oh and another thing I learned over the last couple of days? I need one of these.

My 1st gen iPhone's GPS is iffy at best. All depends how close you are to a triangle of cell towers. Hear that the 2nd gen actually has GPS built in.

Maybe there is something in the air, but Travis county really screws with my sense of direction. Every time (Well almost) I get in the damned car, I get friggin lost. And I have a pretty good sense of direction. Enough of that already. There's a Best Buy right up the street.

Next: Locked out. But the trunk is open
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