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Got the pics and video (which isn't very good, imho) from the road trip downloaded, but see, I've got this project due an Wednesday, but I'm supposed to be ready tomorrow, soooooooooooo I really should be concentrating on that...

So just a quick update to say I haven't dropped off the face of the planet but I did have a self imposed moratorium on computer type stuff until I remembered this damned presentation I have to do. So I'm working on that instead of telling y'all how much fun I had spending the day with eats_veggies before during and after Maker Faire.

This indeed happened, in spite of the fact that I ruined one of my favorite shirts (Ruined? Make that DESTROYED!!) while getting carpet burns on my stomach in the trunk of my own car!

How's THAT for a cliff hanger?

Tags: maker faire, roadtrip, roadtrips, saturn express
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