TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Ahh Well

Not too much going here. (Can you smell sarcasm?)

Robbing Peter to pay Paul

Spent Saturday tryin' to figure out who ain't getting paid. In other words I was payin' bills. And trying to generally straighten out my office. 

Got a letter acknowledging the agreement I setup with the Infernal Revenoo Service. I'm screwed on that one. But they'll get their pound of flesh. AND THEN SOME! Offered 'em one o' my kids, but they only wanted money. *grin* Which I had been sending them. But since we didn't have an agreement, I got a letter from Payroll saying the IRS had filed paperwork to garnish my wages. And they wanted ALL the money. NOW. What they were gonna leave me, I could not live on. Do they realize it is Christmas? So on Monday, I had called payroll. Of course they said it was out of their hands. They had to do what the FED said. Spent a while going back and forth between the Fed and Payroll until they finally got the release faxed from the gub'ment. Fastest I've ever seen a bureaucracy move. They had that shit done in two and a half hours tops. And here's my letter of acknowledgement. On Saturday...Sheesh...Filed that away with my returns...

Wanna Hookup?

Those tasks finished I went to have a looksee and see where the cable hookup is in my room. The Queen is painting the second bedroom (read: game room)and so trying to eliminate as much crap outta there as she can.

I had been threatening to move one of the TV's that were in there into the bedroom - so I could finally follow lord_keeper 's advise about training myself to sleep with my mouth shut while using the CPAP. Been trying to do it while reading, but I keep falling asleep! *lol* Maybe it is my reading material. Or maybe it's just the fact that I've stopped moving? Dunno...

Dude, That's Heavy

But the damned cable connection is behind my freakin', massive ass, Thousand Pound Dresser(!) As I thought. Crap! Time ta fall back an' regroup here. Thought about it while I changed the sheets on my bed. I love clean sheets, man!

Well nothing for it - gonna have to move the damned thing to get at the cable connection. We bought our bedroom chest and dresser from Restoration Hardware. This is some real furniture. It is H-E-A-V-Y. Made out of Oak and Cedar. Real mortise and tenon work. Real nice. I hope our kids enjoy it as much as we have...It's that well built. It will be around long after I'm gone. We suffered a little to buy it way back when. I'd love to have a pair of these nightstands too. Can't justify spending that kind of money right now on furniture. Good deal for the pair too.

I'll have to take all twelve of the drawers out to move it...

A Clean Room is a Happy Room

Decided to give the whole room a good cleaning from top to bottom on Sunday (today). From the ceiling fan to the floor molding...Nice all day project. Dusted and cleaned to my hearts desire...Last thing I did, of course was that dresser (except for vacuuming the floor). Took all the drawers out of it, moved it out from the wall. Holy shit! Few years worth of dust bunny's back here. Oh and that's where that thing got off to. Been lookin' for that. Vacuumed back there. Got the co-ax cable I'd been saving, hooked it up (Hope this connection is live), moved the massive wanger back into place and put the drawers back in. Vacuumed the floor. Oh shit, might as well do the hallway too! Those odious chores out of the way. I moved a side table from my office to the bedroom. Then went down the hall to snatch up the TV. Hooked the cable up.

Houston, We Have Liftoff

Great! It works! Hmmm. Nice bright picture too. Where's the remote? Crap! I think it was in that box of electronics I set out at the curb last spring. Shit! Found a multi function remote from an old JVC VCR (we still have it hooked up in the game room, which is being painted) I'll just get the manual and I'll be in business.

A Fly in the Ointment

Went to the place where I keep all our manuals. Some files in my office. What?! No manual. I don't throw this kind of stuff out except about once a decade. And then only if we no longer have the corresponding thing. But it ain't here. Crap...Now what?!?

I Love the Internet

This is an old piece of electronics. Without much hope I went to the JVC website. Found their customer service area. Click here for manuals. What's that model number? Shit - Back upstairs to get that off the VCR. Back down to the PC. Put in the number...No Frakkin' way! There it is! In .pdf format. Do this while doing that. Yes! I'm in business! ...Did I mention I love the internet?
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