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Nathan Bedford Forrest Senior High School

"The First With the Most!"

How would you feel, honestly feel now, if they decided to change the name of the High School you attended?

I ask you so I can tell you this: I went to Nathan Bedford Forrest High School in Jacksonville Florida. I graduated in 1976. The school was named, in 1959 for chrissakes, after a General of the Confederacy. This in and of itself is no big deal, right?

Well it just so happens that General N.B. Forrest, after his military career, mind, was named the Grand Wizard of the KKK in 1867. This, at the time, was mostly an honorific.

While this is true, it is further stated that later, disatisfied with the increasingly violent nature of the Klan, in 1869, apparently using his stature as Grand Wizard, he ordered the Klan to disband.

Obviously that didn't happen. Because the KKK is still with us today.

So. Every few years some politically correct, but misinformed group, brings up before the school board that the name of the school should be changed, because of the (apparently) dastardly nature of the man for whom it was named.

This generally puts the alumnii in some kind of uproar. It came up last year. Uproar! And it has come up again this year. UPROAR!!

And how do I feel about this? Heh! I went to Jefferson Davis Jr. High, before I went to Forrest High. Seriously...

I graduated from High School over thirty (30!) years ago. I left that town in 1977, and except for brief glances (or trips) back there to take care of family business, I never looked back.

Y'all wanna change the name? Then go on and do it! Those of us that remember will still be "The First with the Most!"

Honestly, I don't think I really care. But if y'all are gonna do it, then GET ON WITH IT ALREADY!
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