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New Apps for the iPhone

Found two new ones today:

Urbanspoon - FREE!

Barslot - 0.99

Urbanspoon picks up your location via the GPS on your iPhone - Then you shake it and it will find you a restaurant in the vicinity. Choose the area, category, and expense. You can lock any of the criteria. Say Mexican. Or $$$. Then you can directions using the map function on the phone. From the web site:

Urbanspoon on the iPhone is part Magic 8 Ball, part slot machine. You shake your phone and it finds a good nearby restaurant for you. Keep shaking it until it comes back with something you want to try.

We use the iPhone's accelerometers to pick up the "shake", find restaurants near you through GPS, and then skew the results towards restaurants that are highly regarded on Urbanspoon.

The app is now available (free of course) on the iTunes App Store for both the original iPhone and the new iPhone 3G.

You can also create an account on the site and add your own reviews to the growing list. Urbanspoon works in the following cities or metropilitan areas: Listing USA, Canada, London, or Australia

Kina cool. It listed a bunch of restaurans in the Katy area where I live.

BarSlot by Whatever Software - Uses the same principle as Urbanspoon - Shake it and it will pick a bar out that is near to your current location. Works (they say) in most metropolitan US areas. Works in rural areas too, but the bars it displays may be a long way off!

Picked quite a few bars out here in Katy too.
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