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The fence guys showed up shortly after 8:00 this morning. 3 guys. Only the two white guys left the Mexican to do the teardown. And set up the plumb(?) line. And dig the post holes. And set the posts. And do the concrete. And do the cleanup. No wonder it's gonna take them two days.

I made an appointment at the Genius bar at the local Apple Store. I know I've talked about this this where my laptop just up and dies? No beep, no warning, no nothing! Just it is on one second. And off the next. POIK!
Infuriating is what it is. I read on the apple forums about some bad batteries in MacBookPro's sold last year. Soooooooooo. Took it on in. The Genius behind the counter did the usual magic that they tend to do. And said, "Yup! Your battery is bad! And it is out of warranty."

"What?! But I have Applecare on this machine."

"The battery is considered to be a consumable and hence the one year warranty applies."

"Oh Really? What about that recall they had?"

"You computer was not one of those machines. But my SW says you battery is bad."


"Yeah. Take a look," he said turning the screen to face me. Sure enough, there is a big red "BAD" on the screen. Made me laugh. "When did this start?" he asks.

"2 or 3 months ago," sez I.

"Lemme see what I can do. Maybe give you a discount on a new one or something." Rather than pitch a bitch, for once I decided to keep my trap shut. He came back a little later and said "Since it started a couple of months ago, I'm going to do a warranty replacement on this. A little more paper work but what the hell."

So got a free battery for the laptop. SCORE! That is at least a $99.00 hit!

Picked up a copy Photoshop Elements 6, a little package called ArtTEXT, and Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare. I have been waiting on that last title since it was announced last year. And it seems to be both different and harder than the XBOX 360 version. Coooooooooool!

Then home ~ pay the bills, do the laundry, and watch the one guy working in the back yard. He was rock steady all day.

Hope they finish tomorrow. I still have to go in to the office. So hopefully I'll have a shiny new west fence when I get home tomorrow evening.

Gotta go fold some laundry.

Night all.
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