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I Was About to Throw Myself a Serious


I bought Photoshop Elements 6 for the mac the other day and installed it. Hadn't had much of a chance to goof with it. But I went out and bought a few expen$ive books about the various features it has.

Why are technology books so damned expen$ive?

For those that don't know Photoshop Elements is basically a stripped down version of some of the better features of Photoshop. Mostly for editing of, you guessed it PHOTGRAPHS.

Still can be a complicated program to deal with, hence the books. One is a very basic (one of the) Missing Manuals series put out by O'Reilly Publishing. These are pretty good. Got one for the iPhone and the Web site is what put me on to the one for PSE6. The other two are for more...advanced topics.

Some nice podcasts out there about PSE as well!.

Also bought a Cory Doctrow book I have been meaning to pick up. But here I go getting scattered.

Anyway I fire up PSE6 and crack the Missing Manual and it starts talking about some of the pallets that are available and what you can do. But the pallets on my copy of PSE are empty. Nada. Nothing. I couldn't figure it out and none of the books had anything to say about that except maybe doing a repair or unistall and re-install. And as long as the damned program to to install, I was casting about for a solution.

I was starting to get a little hot under the collar and went to see if there was anything on the adobe site. This did NOT help my deportment. Have you ever tried to manuever around that damned site? About as helpful as a broken leg!

So I tried a repair. It took nearly as long as the install did and was NO EFFING HELP. Still no content in the pallets. It is basically a reinstall over your present one. I was really hot by this time.

So onto an unistall. Which seemed to take several hours...But didn't really. And thence to a clean install. Now why in the world the install program makes you close any browsers you have open I have no idea. Just another thing to PISS ME OFF!?!?

No web surfing during a sw install. Whatever would I do with myself?

And it took almost an hour for the install to do it's thing.

It's a MIRACLE! Everything is as it should be. Holy Crap!

On to the manuals now...

'Nuff said, true believers! I got me some learnin' to do!

See ya!

PS: Thought I was gonna have to write another blues tune...HAHAHAHAHAHA!
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