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Can I Fall Over Now?

What a week!

Trying to get used to a whole NEW set of procedures for / and 18 new systems is nutz. Nutz I tell ya!

Doing this while trying to make sure the integrity of the procedures that I already know and have tried to teach to Brazillians and Indians is serious INSANITY. But I did manage to get through a whole lotta crap this week and am well on my way to moving over to the new systems.

Answered numerous questions from the Boys from Brazil and the Gang from Bangalore. Wrote two procedural documents for them. Finally had to tell these guys on Thursday that they were gonna have to escalate any issues they had. I am not gonna let them have the credit for me doing shit they should already know and I have to fix.

Y'all better figure this shit out! Neither your Boss or mine ain't gonna be happy if I have to keep doing this..

So Tuesday night after work a co-worker and myself decided it would be a good idea to stop at the bar in the Hyatt downtown and have a couple of beers before catching the bus home.

Well two turned into three. And three turned into four. Or maybe five. But I think four. Was after 10:00 that night before I finally made it home. That was also the night (morning...*sigh*) we had that really nice set of thunderbangers come through here. It was after one before I even went to bed and I think it was after two before I got to sleep Had the presence of mind to reset the alarm for six rather than 445 as usual.

Co-workers on the go-live team rarely get there before 8:00 anyway so, I was safe. Still four hours of sleep or less is no good for me.

Wednesday it was late before I left work and so I was late getting home. Another early morning departure for bed. WTF?

Last night after a full day of work we had an appreciation dinner at artista, in the Hobby Center, downtown. Nice place but, sheesh! That broke up around seven forty five, for which I was grateful, because I had a retirement party to go to for an old friend at the Cadillac Bar and Grill. Since I had a couple of beers with my dinner, I sipped water (WTF?!) at the party. Saw some folks I haven't seen since at LEAST 1999. And some I hadn't seen for 15 years! Good to see some of those folks. Good to see John off into his new life as well!

There was one guy there I surely thought should be dead by now. At least five times over. He looked to be in about the same shape I'm in. Deplorable...And he's younger than me too. Looks a lot older too.

And I STILL don't like the fucker! *Heh* But since it was a party for a mutual friend, I made with the nice, instead of...NOT! If I had been drinking though, might have been a different story...As it was neither one iof us really acknowledged the other. Made eye contact once or twice, but that was about it. I wasn't about to get in a pissing contest with this idiot. Still an asshole though. *Heh* He was probably thinking the same about me. *grins*

Party was pretty nice, but probably would have been a lot nicer if the DJ had set his equipment up to "Let's Make Their Ears Bleed!" level.

One really nice lookin' woman I remembered from a ways back came over, introduced me to her (relatively new) husband and explained that Jack, who also worked for The Big Clam was taken quickly by cancer 6 years ago. Always liked that guy, too. They were a fun couple yo hang out with. Then she asked me, "So what the hell happened to your hair?"

"What?!" She rubbed me about 3/4's of the way down my back and said, "last time I saw you, it was about this long!" She was always a sucker for long hair...

...And yes, your TexasT's was a long haired, hippy type, pinko working for an Oil Company!

"Oh! Cut it, must be 7-8 years ago when The Big Clam sent me to Holland for a while. Just never really grew it back. Truth be told now, kiddo, I'd be kinda scared to see what color it is now if it was long!"

"Well, you did have the best hair, for a guy at the complex. BOTH of them" *Heh* We worked at two different research facilities many years ago. *grins* It must have been true too. Used to have all kindsa of girly types running their fingers through it.

A couple would even pull it out of the pony tail I usually kept it in, shake it out and give it a good once over. Damn, I used to love that! Haven't thought about that in YEARS!

I was tired last night though. So I waited for Johnny to make his speach. Talked to a bunch of folks I haven't seen in a few years and bailed out, after a decent interval of course, after John got all mushy and shit. Can't say as I blame him. Good to see MOST of those guys and gals again.

So it was after midnight at least, probably closer to one, before I got between the sheets again. I didn't sleep very well either. Lot of stuff rolling through the old noggin this last 7 day period.

Probably sleep better tonight. I hope!
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