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Why Does Palm make Such Cheap Crap Sometimes?

I love Palm branded products. I've used them for years. Current unit is a LifeDrive.

The one thing that (recently) really got under my skin though, was the cheap feel of the (Palm) sync cable(s) and cradle that I bought to do my syncing with at home and work. When did that happen? Even when they were new the connection fe3lt iffy at best. I cannot even get the unit to sync through the cradle anymore. The cable isn't any better. 4 out of 5 times I have to unplug and replug the unit 2 to 4 times before it connects with my PC. Wassup wit dat?

While out looking for stocking stuffers for my kids, I found a USB sync and charge cable by APC. Snapped onto the port with a resounding *click* . Feels snug in there too.

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