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Dis, Dat, An' De Odder Ting!


I went in to work early to get a few things done, so I could spend the day in training. Like I have been supposed to be doing everyday for the last two weeks. Instead I get pinged on IM by Big Blue from Brazil, the very moment I get logged on. The Compliance Calibrator isn't working. Great.

The CC is a tool that we use to report and mitigate roles in our financial system that create transactional (mostly financial based) conflicts.

Horrible morning. Instead of doing training like I SHOULD be doing, my entire morning was taken up by one of our software tools that was malfunctioning. Worst piece of software I have ever seen come out of SAP...

Wasn't reporting things that it should have been reporting. Support in KL had uploaded a new ruleset last night, and it fucked the system totally. I have a benchmark role that I use to test the system with. I use it because it gives results no matter what role it is put with.

Hell, it even has conflicts with itself.

It was late morning before we had that sorted. And it was working when I took off down the street for a Lunch-n-Learn training. I had decided that since we had this LnL deal going ong on I would just work from my desk in Cube City for the rest of the day as I had a meeting after lunch.


The little mini seminar went quite well. Before I could get logged on completely, the t wo boyz from Big Blue Brazil were pinging me yet again. One for the damned tool again. Something ELSE. The other for something legit.

So before I could start my meeting, I had to shut these two down. (one of them sent a note to some one they had no business sending a note to about their issue. (and I'll deal with THAT in the AM tomorrow).
Get my meeting going with our programmer that takes care of our Web site. She is laying out a plan for changes to our webform that will lock in user info as defined by the metadata attached to your computer ID.

Not gonna work, says I. People use that form to put in requests for other people. Shot her down right out of the chute!

But I've spent all this time doing all this research for this, she said.

I realize that, I replied, but we cannot make those fields static. I appreciate your initiative, but we cannot make this change unless you are going to put in some type of "Entered on behalf of" functionality in place.

Well that would be a lot of work.

Yeah, I say, and that's why we have not done this before.

Where am I supposed to bill the time I spent researching this change? she asks.

Well, since we didn't ask for the research or the change, you ain't billing it to us! says I.

Crap! she replies.

Well the next time you want to think about something like this, I would speak to your customer FIRST!.

De Odder Ting!

Rest of the day was spent with BBFH about some reporting she had requested I do. She had not realized what a terrific amount of effort it was costring me to get her the results she asked for. Wants me to send that down south too!

And then a couple of tickets for urgent matters in our legacy systems (that I'm not supposed to do any work for any more unless Big Blue cannot figure it out)

By the time I was finished with that it was 6:00 PM and I was outta there. Feeling like some one had beat me with a stick!

Oh! An' Won More Ting!

Stopped in one of my favorite restaurants to get some dinner. Bartender(ess) asks me what I want to drink. "A gin and tonic. And don't use that cheap assed gin either! And a glass of water, please."

She sets this big ol' glass down in front of me. And I take a big slash outta the thing thinking it was water.

WRONG! It was a huge, double (at least!) gin and tonic! Throat on fire, eyes watering, gasping for air!

She's laughing. And after a minute so am I. The next minute or two finds me eating my dinner and (slowly!) sipping my drink, having conversation with her and the guy sitting next to me and the guy sitting next to him. This guy is wondering why I got such a big drink. The guy next to me is going, because we're Big Guys!

Yeah, that and the fact we are in here a lot, and I have never seen YOU in here before, dude!

I get up to go outside to have a smoke and get back after and ther is another one of these monster drinks sitting in my place. Who am I to argue! Yum! Long time since I had a gin and tonic of any kind! Yummy!

Get my bill and there is a Happy hour price on it for ONE GandT. YES!!!

So I am sitting here at my desk pleasantly buzzed listening to music. Yeah. Nice ending to my day...
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