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Had an Interesting Conversation...

With sahlah via email. We talked of several things.

Sanity checks for reasonable, intelligent people.

Perceptions (ours and others) of people and events in the Middle East.

Narrow minded folk vs folk with a world (or global) view. Bigots.

Perceptions of others about us - Do we really give a shit what they think? Why?

Life in the Universe and LJ Friends that we have absolutely nothing in common with. Friends? Or do I just keep 'em on my list so's I can keep an eye on 'em?

Commenting on stupid posts - because sometimes you just HAVE to.

LJ functionality

Military Service

Camels and Camel riding.

Ideology vs People

Belly dancing

Liberals, Libertarians, Republicans. Politics.

Renaissance festivals

Vacations in Australia

Lebanon and Lebanese

Canadian Migration

Shiny things

Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll

Life choices

The Conversation that is LiveJournal.

Whew! That list is longer than I thought!

Thanks, darlin'! That was probably one of the most engaging conversations I've had outside of work in quite a while! I'm looking forward to continuing it!

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