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My New Constant Companion!

My new Constant Companion 2
Excuse the quality of these two pics. Taken with my iPhone camera. 2.1MP...Pshaw!

A Point and Shoot Lumix DMC LZ8 Camera. Still getting to know the little guy. Bought him the night before I went to the Texas Renaissance Festival from our local Micro Center.

My new Constant Companion 1

Leica Optics
8.1 MP
5 X Optical Zoom
4 X Digital Zoom
2.5 in LCD

Still find the lack of a view finder disconcerting, although I guess not every one uses them anymore woth the advent of the LCD screen.

There are a few people using these on flickr.

Specs from Yahoo Shopping: here

And at 2.4 in. x 3.9 in. x 1.3 in.(HxWxD) it fits nicely in a pocket. Which was what I was after in the first place. That and it needs to take good pictures, in spite of any lack of talent I may have!

Here are two samples. One in normal mode and the other in 14:9 (Wide screen or landscape mode). Not too shabby!

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