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Who dies first?

Was at Jason's tonight for the salad bar. I could use the roughage. Stomach has been upset with me for days now. Anyways:

I'm sitting here in a booth. What looks to be some churchgoing folk come in with their five children. Everyone has on their Sunday Best. Dad gets the kids at a table. Mommy is busy ordering and paying.

One of the good things about Jason's is their salad bar.

These little nicely dressed hellions belly up to the salad bar and start taking things. With their HANDS. Repeatedly. WITH THIER HANDS. Eating right there at the goddam bar...With THEIR HANDS.

Dad is obliviously watching something on the tube a way up on the wall. (Too much time in church?) And his kids are treating the salad bar like their own personal eating trough. WITH THEIR HANDS! Mommy comes and sits down. And the feeding frenzy continues. WITH THEIR HANDS!!!

Their goddam grilled cheese finally arrives and they mostly sit down.

So I ask you...WHO DIES FIRST?

I'm voting for the parents because they have taught their children nothing about eating out in public. Probably messed up with a bunch of other stuff too.
Tags: random shit
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