TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

That Time of Year...

Straight to the point this time. Gonna make a small adjustment to the flist in the next few days.

Right. Added a few folks over the last year. Most are posting (regularly or semi-regularly) and commenting here and there. Maybe not every day. Maybe not every week. Or even monthly. But at least most of you I (feel I can) value, have got something to say one way or another.

Some folks do not comment on my journal. And do not comment when I leave a comment on theirs. Or repeated comments.

These are my target group to dis-audience (It IS a word! Even if I just made it up).

Some I will leave on the list in the hopes that they may eventually come back to LJ. I doubt it, but as long as the account is active...

As for the rest...

I mean what's the point, eh? Either you feel you don't know me well enough...Or you think that maybe you know me well enough and just could give a...hoot. Or you've decided you don't like me. Or maybe we just don't seem to have enough in common to suit either of us.

Maybe I'm not serious enough for you. Or too serious. Maybe you don't like my sense of humor.

Hell, maybe you don't like the color of my eyes...I don't know.


I could go into the usual blather about how it isn't personal or anything like that. But if you ain't reading and commenting or responding to my comments, then you ain't gonna miss me anyway.

So I ain't gonna waste anybody's time with that load of hooey.

Any way, I'll see you on the other side. Or I won't.

Oh before I forget, this implies a sort of amnesty...

~ You wanna cut me? Go ahead. No fear. And No Sweat.
Tags: flist, flist cuts
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