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Why I Like Last FM

I am beginning to realize the beauty of this site. Not only does is show folks what you are listening to. It also enables you to listen to what other folks are.

And a lot of the time you can listen to the full tracks. Not sure yet what the criteria are for that feature, but it beats THE HELL out of iTunes little 30 second snippet you get to listen to. As a matter of fact, it often sends me to the iTunes store or Amazon to find just what it is I have been listening to.

Yeah! A true try "before you buy!"

Truly a "stuff i like" post.

Oh and sahlah Thanks for the heads up on Azam Ali!

ETA: Now I know why you get full length tracks and even albums. Free the music post: http://blog.last.fm/2008/01/23/free-the-music
Tags: itunes, lastfm, music, stuff i like
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