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Now For Something Completely Different...

Not good. Different.

Back in mid October I had a titration (Sleep) study done. Because I wasn't sleeping as well as I thought I should be with my CPAP. When I first started using the thing (after I got used to it) I felt great after a night of sleep. Had it for about a year and a half.

The last 6 months? Not so much. Of. That. Feeling. Great. Feeling...

So back in October I had this titration study done. The tech had me try these nasal pillows. Seemed okay. Initially.

The ENT doctor said the study showed that I had a Max pressure requirement of 8 CM. I was skeptical as I had previously been set @ 14 CM. Quite a drop.

So his PA made an appointment for me to get the machine adjusted. The NEXT DAY! I was kinda shocked about that.

Got a new tank and hose, etc. All the stuff they can give you when you go in for service(?) The consumables I guess you'd call them. Tech talked me into trying these nasal pillow things. And I REALLY wanted them to work. So much lighter. However, they didn't quite work out at home as well as they did in the study. I'd get to a point almost every night where I couldn't breathe and pull the thing off. I figure it is some kind of allergen clogging me up.

Finally got fed up with that and pulled out an old sample full coverage mask that I had laying around and started using that. Things were a little better (not much though) for a while. But now...

I am falling asleep okay. But most nights, I wake up anywhere from 90 minutes to 2-1/2 hours in. Sometimes I can get back to sleep fairly quickly. Other times, like last night, I turned off the lights a little after 10 PM and dropped off fairly quickly ~

**I swear the mask is like some kinda pavlovian experiment. On with the mask, off to sleep I go. When I think back on all the trouble I had getting used to it, I have to laugh.**

~ I woke up a little after 1AM. Struggled to get back to sleep and finally did. Until sometime after 2:30. When I woke up this time I just went ahead and got up. Because I WASN'T going back to sleep.

So the last month or so, I've been getting anywhere from 2 to 5 hours of sleep a night. 6 max. Some nights.

At best waking up once a night. At worst 2-4 times. I *know* this is a trend that cannot continue.

I haven't felt too exhausted yet. No falling asleep at my desk at work. Or on the bus really. Unless it is after a really long 12+ hour day. If I keep this pattern up I'll get there though.

But this sort of *feels* like it did before I was first diagnosed with OSA. Just not as severe.

Called the ENT to make an appointment to discuss this thing. I need options and solutions. Not guess work and speculation on my part. Haven't heard from them yet.

Also called the folks @ Home Health Care so that I can get another mask from them. One that is fitted correctly. Got an appointment for tomorrow afternoon. I'll have to leave work early. But C'est la vie!

So. My fellow OSA'ers: Any insights? Suggestions? Another week or two of sleeping like this and I'll be ready for a padded bedroom and one of those shirts that have the really long sleeves that tie off in the back!

I want that feeling I used to get when I first started using the CPAP. You know the feeling where you feel like you've got the world by the ass ~ And nothing can stop you? Bounce out of bed feeling great?

I *know* I don't have to feel like crap all the time. Cause I've kicked this thing in the ass before.


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