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Mission San José y San Miguel de Aguayo

Here..I did a quick upload of my favorites from today. There are a lot more than I uploaded yet...But I had a few come out jus the way i wanted them to. Blind, dumb luck on a couple of these, I'm sure. Any way...These are a couple of my favorites from the trip...

Now a lot of you know i am not an overtly religious person. But these buildings have stood since he 1700's. 300 years. How many generaions it that, really?

As in the community of the time when life was centered around the church and mission, most of my pictures are also centered about the church. Coincidence? You decide...

Here are eats_veggies and texasts in two dimensional glory...*heh*

Dorie and I in our 2 dimensional glory

Look at the blue sky out that window! I like the interplay of light, shadow and sky in this.

Interplay of light and shadow

this is a figure that is outside the doorway to a little chapel

To the side of the entrance to the nave.

Three hundred years old?

A Mariachi band was playing in the courtyard of the church when we first got there.

Mariachi Band that was plying when we first arrived

If you look a little closer, you can see the girl guitar layer is BAREFOOT! Her boots are standing behind her.

This one is my personal favorite of the day. It came out pretty much as I had envisioned it. I was very concerned that it wouldn't.

Dome on the mission church backlit by the sun.

If I wanted any of the pictures I took today to come out, I was the most concerned about this one. I took half a dozen shots of this. This is the ONLY one worth printing in my opinion...

More to come!

Good night all! It's half twelve here so.

And I've gotta go back to Houston tomorrow...*le sigh*

Oh and by the way - I won't post another 90+ picture post just to save your friends page. I will post a few and give you the addy to the flicker gallery, though.
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